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The Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) degree is a legacy program. The MSIT-SE shared the same core courses as the MSE program, and resulted in a final real-world capstone project. Considerably smaller than the MSE Studio in scope and size, the MSIT-SE Project afforded students an opportunity to demonstrate what has been learned in the core and elective courses through its practical application in a realistic project setting.

This is a legacy program. The current Plan of Study for the MSE - Scalable Systems can be found in the For Applicants section of the website.

Plan of Study

  Units Required Courses
Core 60 17-651, 17-652, 17-653, 17-654, 17-655
Project 36 17-676 (0 units), 17-677 (12 units), 17-678 (24 units)
Electives/Independent Study 45 Electives are chosen from the Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science, Robotics, Heinz College, and Electrical Engineering. Courses should align with the student's personal and professional goals. Students can rely upon guidance provided to them by their faculty advisor as they select courses that best meet their short and longer-term objectives.
Communication 6 17-656 (3 units), 17-657 (3 units)
Prerequisites - 15-513

*All courses above, unless otherwise noted, are 12 units each

Sample Course of Study

Semester 1

15-513 Introduction to Computer Systems¹
17-651 Models of Software Systems [pdf]
17-652 Methods: Deciding What to Design [pdf]
17-653 Managing Software Development [pdf]
17-656 Communication for Software Engineers I [pdf]
+ Elective course

Semester 2

17-654 Analysis of Software Artifacts [pdf]
17-655 Architectures for Software Systems [pdf]
17-657 Communication for Software Engineers II [pdf]
17-676 Software Engineering Bootcamp [pdf]
17-677 MSIT Project I
+ Elective course

Semester 3

17-678 MSIT Project II
+ Elective course
+ Elective course

1. Pre-requisite to be taken the summer before the program begins.