Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Internships

Our graduates constitute some of the most highly sought-after hires in the tech sector. Getting your foot in the door as early as possible through internships is key to ensuring a steady, top-tier candidate pool when it comes time to hire.

Our goal is to reduce the “noise” inherent to the process; we want to make it quick and easy to read the skill level and qualifications of our MSE-Scalable Systems and MSE-Embedded Systems students.

Student Preparation

World-Class Education

With all the resources of Carnegie Mellon #1 ranked School of Computer Science at their fingertips, our students are challenged to excel in all that they do. While our core curriculum in software engineering imparts the skills necessary to reliably deliver high-quality software systems, our graduates also dive deep into machine learning, robotics, data science and more. And all the while, learning from the pioneers and visionaries who put CMU on the map.

Resume Prep

You want to know which of our students are the best fit for your organization. We get that. And it all comes down to a clear, well constructed resume. All of our students are encouraged to take advantage of our hands-on approach to prep. In addition to career services professionals to help streamline their qualifications, we provide resume writing workshops and reviews to ensure their applications can easily be matched to your organization’s need.

Mock Interviews

Resumes are only the beginning. We work closely with all of our students to ensure that they are prepared to succeed during your interviews. By leveraging the experience of our corporate partners and our distinguished alumni, we strive to give all of our students an advantage in the interview — an advantage that will separate them from the crowd.

Internship Expectations

As a core feature of our curriculum, the internship should be  first and foremost  a learning experience. As such, we do have some expectations regarding key competency areas our students should be given the opportunity on which to work:

Key Objective 1

Learn to coordinate within and across teams, including how to rely on others to help fulfill needs to achieve larger engineering goals.

Key Objective 2

Learn to integrate tools into development workflows, including version control, issue tracking, and automated testing.

Key Objective 3

Experience one or more advanced engineering activities, such as artifact reviews, project planning, effort estimation, or user studies.

Let’s Get Started!

Without a doubt, the most effective way to build an effective, lasting internship recruitment pipeline with our world-class students is to consider joining our Corporate Affiliates Program. In addition to the opportunity to work extensively with our students on a software challenge facing your organization, you’ll gain access to a wealth of exclusive recruitment perks such as an invitation to our MSE Recruiter Day events, access to our carefully curated MSE resume book, and more!

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