Carnegie Mellon University

As the holiday season approaches, we want to extend our warmest greetings. Your support this semester has been invaluable to the program. We continue to be awed by your generosity and commitment to the MSE Professional Programs.

Typically, you would find an introduction to the newsletter from Sasha in this space. She has, however, graciously suggested that I use this space to announce that I am leaving Carnegie Mellon. After 25 years with the MSE, it is hard to say goodbye. It has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you and hear about your career journeys and personal lives. You have truly made a lasting impression on me. Please get in touch if you are ever in NYC; I'd love to meet for coffee and hear what you've been up to.

On behalf of everyone at the MSE, we wish you and yours a most joyful holiday season!

My warmest regards,

Jen Potter


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