Carnegie Mellon University

Len Bass and Gaurav Agerwala

January 26, 2024

Bass and Agerwala to Present Paper on Teaching Software Architecture Design

By Kai Caothien

Gaurav Agerwala (MSE ‘23) and Dr. Len Bass, Adjunct Teaching Faculty in the Master of Software Engineering Programs, had their paper, “Teaching Software Architecture Design – Building Intuition,” accepted at the upcoming Designing 2024 workshop. This conference, which is held in conjunction with ICSE 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 15, 2024, is the first international workshop on designing software.

Agerwala and Bass's paper aims to tackle the daunting task of creating a software system, especially for students with limited knowledge of software designs. The paper proposes a new design method that helps students think analytically, focusing on the trade-offs during the design phase.

The Designing 2024 workshop is focused on bringing together researchers, educators, and practitioners interested in software design. The interactive workshops had the goal of discovering new directions and opening new challenges in the field of software design. The conference accepted four types of submissions: 1) position papers on new pathways for software design; 2) research papers on new discoveries on software design; 3) reports talking about lessons learned from practical or educational experiences; 4) proposals for presentations.

Gaurav Agerwala is attending the conference to present on the paper.