Carnegie Mellon University

Yash Anand and Kazayuki Takayama

March 26, 2024

Yash Anand and Kazuyuki Takayama Collaborative Paper Accepted at ASPLOS

By Grace Alexander

Yash Anand and Kazuyuki Takayama's (MSE ‘23) collaborative paper has been accepted by the International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS).  The paper, “Flexible Non-intrusive Dynamic Instrumentation for WebAssembly,” describes the first non-intrusive dynamic instrumentation system for WebAssembly that provides high-performance primitives to unobtrusively gain detailed insight into execution of programs.

Under the guidance of S3D Principal Researcher, Dr. Ben Titzer, Yash and Kazuyuki measured the performance of these techniques against typically used instrumentation systems in other programming languages.

Yash and Kazuyuki met as project partners while studying in the MSE program and began researching while working on their Studio Projects, citing several elements of their MSE coursework as being helpful with their research–primarily quality management and statistics.

Reflecting on their experience as recent graduates, Yash and Kazuyuki state that the MSE program is set apart by its attentive and knowledgeable faculty, uniquely diversified curriculum, experienced cohort, and strong sense of community.