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2022 Frias Scholarship Awarded

By Jen Potter

Sukanya Gupta, an MSE candidate, is the recipient of the 2022 Eduardo and Norma Frias Scholarship in Software Engineering. The award, established in 2016, supports students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential, and have financial need. To date a total of 4 students in the Master of Software Engineering Professional Programs have received this scholarship.

Sukanya was also awarded the Director’s Scholarship which was established in 2019 to recognize students in the top 5% of their class who also demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, strong communication skills, and exceptional personal initiative. 

Prospective awardees for both scholarships are identified by the Program Director and Academic Program Manager after the completion of the second semester of study. A committee of faculty members and project mentors evaluate the pool of prospective awardees and select one or more winners.

Assistant Teaching Professor Scott Pavetti said, "Sukanya has been a model student for what it means to be in the program. Her performance in both the Studio and core courses is nothing short of stellar."  

It is our sincere pleasure to congratulate Sukanya for her effort and dedication to the MSE programs!

Sukanya Gupta | MSE 2022

Sukanya earned her bachelor of science degree in computer science at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. After graduating she worked as an Application Engineer at Oracle.

Sukanya distinguished herself by displaying a genuine appreciation for those around her, a desire to create a positive work environment for her peers, and by serving on a faculty hiring committee.

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