Carnegie Mellon University
February 15, 2022

Architects Should Care About DevOps

By Jen Potter

Dr. Len Bass, Adjunct Teaching Faculty in the Master of Software Engineering Programs, was a presenter at the Business, Innovation, Leadership & Technology web summit on Modern Software Architecture. The conference was held virtually on February 10th, 2022.

In 2020, International Association for Software Architects (IASA) began offering events that focused on the areas of business, technology, leadership, and innovation. The Modern Software Architecture web summit featured top thought leaders in software architecture who discussed what they think are the important elements of creating effective software, application architectures that will deliver on the needs of the client business, while exploring the latest techniques and tools available in the marketplace. IASA believes that the modern software architect is “part craftsperson, part engineer, and part business person and functions effectively as part of a set of scaled teams to deliver complex working software in well-engineered sections.”

In his presentation, titled “Why architects should care about DevOps” [mp4], Dr. Bass explored the portions of DevOps that a software architect should understand and incorporate into their activities. “The roles of System Dependability Engineer or Product Engineer fit the description of the role of a software architect after a system has gone into production. Continuous deployment may lead to version skew and your design must be able to accommodate version skew. [Software architects] make design choices that affect the visibility of operational performance.”