Carnegie Mellon University
November 03, 2021

2021 Director's List Scholarship Awarded

By Jen Potter

Ka Wai (Edmond) Tsoi and Yao (Paul) Wei, MSE–Scalable Systems candidates, are the recipients of the 2021 Director’s List Scholarship in Software Engineering. The award, established in 2019, recognizes students in the top 5% of their class who also demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, strong communication skills, and exceptional personal initiative. 

Prospective awardees are identified by the Program Director and Academic Program Manager after the completion of the second semester of study. A committee of faculty members and project mentors evaluate the pool of prospective awardees and select one or more winners.

Travis Breaux, Program Director, remarked “Ed and Paul are exemplary in their pursuit of excellence in software engineering leadership. Their strong program performance in coursework and community engagement in one of the most challenging years of the program’s history will be fondly remembered.”

It is our sincere pleasure to congratulate Ed and Paul for their effort and dedication to the MSE programs!

Ed Tsoi | MSE–Scalable Systems ‘21

Ed earned his bachelor of engineering degree in computer science at the University of Michigan. During his time at the University of Michigan, he worked part-time as a Fullstack AI Platform Developer/Researcher and was a software engineering intern at NewPath Consulting. 

Ed distinguished himself by displaying a genuine appreciation for those around him, helping to create a positive and welcoming environment which encourages his peers to contribute in class. His professional and inclusive demeanor towards his peers and faculty is an inspiration to all.

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Paul Wei | MSE–Scalable Systems ‘21

Paul earned his bachelor of engineering degree in software engineering from Tongji University. While an undergraduate student at Tongji University, he worked as a software engineer intern at a clinic implementing a small hospital information system. 

Paul distinguished himself by helping to create a supportive community during extraordinary  times when many of his peers were geographically dispersed. This positive outreach and support of his peers led to him being asked to join the MSELi’s leadership team.

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