Carnegie Mellon University
July 07, 2021

2021 Tomayko Scholarship Awarded

By Jen Potter

Jinglun Ding is the recipient of the 2021 James E. Tomayko Scholarship in Software Engineering. The award was established in 2006 to support students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, strong communication skills, and exceptional personal initiative. To date, a total of 20 students in the Master of Software Engineering Professional Programs have received this scholarship.

Prospective awardees are identified by the Program Director and Program Manager after completing the second semester of study. A committee of faculty members and project mentors evaluate the pool of prospective awardees to select one or more winners.

Tenzin Crouch, an MSE candidate and Jinglun’s project teammate said, “Jinglun has outstanding personal initiative. Working on many team projects together, including the Studio Project, I am continually impressed by how he takes on his own tasks with gusto, makes time to help his teammates learn and solve problems, and volunteers to take on different roles supporting the broader MSE community. I cannot think of a better candidate for the Tomayko Scholarship.

It is our sincere pleasure to congratulate and thank Jinglun for his effort and dedication to the MSE programs!

Jinglun Ding | MSE 2021

Jinglun earned a bachelor of science in computer science, with minors in visual communication, and graphic design from Knox College. Prior to entering the MSE program, he worked as a Full Stack Software Developer at Crum & Forster in Richmond, Virginia. 

Jinglun distinguished himself by serving as team leader for his studio project in the first semester, volunteering to serve as the president of the MSELi, and working to create a supportive community during extraordinary times when many students were geographically dispersed.  

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