Carnegie Mellon University
September 23, 2020

MSE Welcomes New Faculty Member

By Jen Potter

Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Software Engineering (MSE) Professional Programs is thrilled to welcome new faculty Scott Pavetti.

Pavetti is no stranger to the MSE programs. He is a graduate himself, having earned an MSIT-SE via the distance education program (now MSE Online), and is an active studio project mentor. He earned his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has a broad range of experience in product development, including mobile and desktop development, small IT deployments, embedded systems, IoT systems, and has experience training engineers in software architecture, design, requirements, and test practice. 

Prior to joining the MSE, Pavetti was a member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) where he was technical lead in the Security Automation directorate within the computer emergency response team (CERT). While at the SEI, he led a small, multi-disciplinary team that operated two computer laboratories, developed software solutions for government customers, and consulted on software engineering best practices. 

Pavetti will teach Requirements for Embedded Systems in the second mini of the fall semester and co-teach three courses in the spring semester. 

“I’m excited to be part of the program,” said Pavetti. “It exceeds my wildest career aspirations and dreams. I look forward to contributing in the same way my teachers and mentors contributed to my personal growth and development. It’s great to be able to give back in that same way.”

In his free time, he likes bicycling on roads and trails in rural Pennsylvania and photographing the landscape. You can view his stunning photos on Instagram.