Carnegie Mellon University
October 23, 2019

Inaugural MSE Alumni Advisory Board Announced

By Jen Potter

The inaugural MSE Alumni Advisory Board has been formed. The eight members will serve one-year terms, effective October 22, 2019. They are:

Andrei Girenkov (MSIT-SE, 2009) of Colonial Life Insurance Company
Yazid Hamdi (MSIT-SE, 2017) of Siemens Mobility
Mike Lester (MSE, 2002) of USAA
Sankha Pathak (MSE, 2013) of Glassdoor
Dewanne Phillips, Ph.D. (MSIT-SE, 2012) of The Aerospace Corporation
Boris Portman (MSE, 1996) of Salsa, LLC
Mario Riveros Trujillo (MSE, 2013) of Twilio Inc.
Mac Wang (MSE, 2008) of Google

Each fall, eight new members will be selected for one-year terms. Members must possess strong leadership and teamwork skills, and attend three board meeting each year. If you would like to nominate someone for the Alumni Advisory Board, please complete the online nomination form. Nomination for the 2020-2021 board are open until the end of summer 2020.