Carnegie Mellon University
September 16, 2019

MSE West Coast Visit

By Jen Potter

Jen Moritz, Alumni and Corporate Relations Manager for the Software Engineering Masters Programs (MSE) and Matt Bass, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR), MSE, traveled to the West Coast in August to meet with representatives from OfferUp, Costco, Magic Leap, Blue Origin, and Amazon.

The purpose of Moritz and Bass’s visit was to explore and build collaborative relationships with each company as part of the newly formed MSE Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP). The primary benefits of an affiliates partnership are the establishment of informed, fruitful, and efficient hiring pipelines, and the opportunity to help the MSE to ground its curricula in the real-world concerns and challenges of the company’s particular domain.

Companies that enter into a sustained collaboration with the MSE through the affiliates program have many options when it comes to choosing how to engage with students and faculty. They can arrange to sponsor a Studio project, schedule a tech talk at CMU, host events where students meet with company engineers, participate in exclusive MSE Recruiter Day events, access the MSE resume book for the hand-selection of internship or employment recruiting, conduct onsite interviews, and nominate candidates to the Program Advisory board who will have the ability to influence the development of new courses and curricula.

Expect to see many new and exciting opportunities for MSE students to gain real-world experience and to accelerate their careers by forming substantive relationships with corporate affiliates as the program continues to evolve.

To learn more about CAP, please see the For Companies section of the website.