Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Pavetti

Scott Pavetti

Assistant Teaching Professor, Institute for Software Research

  • 300 SCR 276
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Scott Pavetti has worn a number of job titles, such as research programmer, senior software engineer, tech lead, and software quality engineer. Within those roles, Scott has accumulated broad set of product development experiences ranging from mobile and desktop development, small IT deployments, embedded, to IoT systems. As a software quality engineer, he developed quality plans, software development plans, conducted requirements workshops, and even architected a few products. He also has two patents related to indoor navigation and their associated methods.

Not all of Scott's experiences are technical, he spent two years as a Community of Practice Leader in Software where he worked with 50 engineers in the US and Germany to develop better practices and share knowledge. He's also trained engineers in software architecture, design, requirements, and testing practice. He understands that being a software engineer takes more than technical ability, that it takes leadership as well.

He got his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree in Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) from Carnegie Mellon University.

He likes bicycling on roads and trails in rural Pennsylvania and landscape photography.