Carnegie Mellon University

Jeffery Gennari

Jeffery Gennari

Instructor and Senior Member of Technical Staff, CMU SEI

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Jeff Gennari is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the CERT program at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI). While at the SEI Mr. Gennari has worked as a malicious code analyst where he analyzed hundreds of malware samples, served as an expert witness in U.S. federal court in the area of malware analysis, and delivered computer security and malware analysis training to information technology professionals in the U.S. government. Prior to that Mr. Gennari worked as a vulnerability analyst at CERT where he researched software vulnerabilities and was an active participant in CERT’s secure coding efforts. Current research interests include automated program analysis and reverse engineering as well as architecture-based self-adaptive systems. Mr. Gennari is a mentor in the Masters of Software Engineering program and instructor for the Analysis of Software Artifacts course. Mr. Gennari has a Masters of Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS and MS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.


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