Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Course Spotlight

decrotive image17-693 Negotiations for Software Leaders, taught by Communications Instructor Nick Frollini, helps future software leaders build the skills necessary to successfully engage in negotiations. Through a hands-on approach, and numerous simulations based on realistic scenarios, students will gain practical experience that they'll be able to apply in the professional world, no matter where their careers take them.

"All of us negotiate with other people, almost every single day. Usually, these are simple negotiations over mundane topics: Who will wash the dishes? Who will walk the dog? Who is going to clean up the apartment? Sometimes, however, these negotiations are of far greater significance: the purchase of a home, a discussion around salary and benefits for a new job, and so on.

"For software leaders, understanding and mastering the art of negotiation can be critical to career success. These technical leaders may need to negotiate with clients over system requirements, with management over restoring, and with team members over duties, work products, or job performance. They may also find themselves negotiating with potential investors for the next start-up unicorn — where a mistake could, quite literally, cost millions of dollars."